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Russian Museum

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The State Russian Museum is the world’s largest collection of Russian art, housed in a unique architectural complex in the historical centre of St Petersburg.

It was the first museum of Russian art, initiated by Emperor Alexander III. Later, in 1895, Emperor Nicholas II signed a decree ordering “The foundation of a special establishment named ‘The Russian Museum of Emperor Alexander III’ and the assignment of Mikhailovsky Palace with all outbuildings, services and the garden, specially acquired by the state treasury for this purpose”.

The museum collection contains over 400 000 exhibits covering all major periods and trends in the history of Russian art, all main types and genres, trends and schools of Russian art over more than a thousand years: from the X to the XXI century.

Today, the area of the museum complex is more than 30 hectares. The collection is accommodated in buildings that are outstanding monuments of the XVIII-XIX century architecture: Mikhailovsky, Stroganov, Marble Palaces, and Mikhailovsky Castle. Mikhailovsky Garden, Summer Garden and Peter I’s Summer Palace as well as Cabin of Peter the Great are also part of the museum complex.


Catalogue "Dreams of Universal Flowering"


Catalogue "Posters of the Revolutionary Era"


Catalogue "Sergey Dozhd. Sciarsism"


Catalogue "Mikhail Shvartsman. To the 90th Anniversary" (Russian)


Catalogue "Georg Christoph Grooth and the Time of Elizabeth Petrovna" (Russian)


Catalogue "Ernst Barlach — Käthe Kollwitz: Beyond the Borders of Existence. In Dialogue with their Russian Contemporaries" (Russian)


Catalogue "Karl Marx Forever? To the 200th birth anniversary" (Russian)


Catalogue to the exhibition E. Pestova and I. Pestova

Museum products

The Russian Museum. From the icon to the present.


Futurism in Italy and in Russia


Igor Grabar. To the 150th anniversary of his birth


Landscape in sculpture. Sculpture in the landscape


Breastpin "Malevich. Black Cross"


Breastpin "Malevich. Torso"



Вячеслав Пакулин. В поисках стиля эпохи
Вячеслав Пакулин. В поисках стиля эпохи
Достоевский в изобразительном искусстве из собрания Русского музея
Достоевский в изобразительном искусстве из собрания Русского музея
Павел Сергеевич Строганов. Итальянское путешествие
Павел Сергеевич Строганов. Итальянское путешествие
Итальянский футуризм из коллекции Маттиоли. Русский кубофутуризм из Русского музея и частных коллекций
Italian Futurism. From the Collection of Mattioli. Russian Cubo-Futurism. From the Russian Museum and Private Collections in Moscow
Пейзаж в скульптуре. Скульптура в пейзаже
Landscape in Sculpture. Sculpture in Landscape
Игорь Грабарь. К 150-летию со дня рождения.
Igor Grabar. For the 150th Anniversary of the Artist's Birth
Портрет графа Николая Шереметева. Новые открытия
Portraits of Count Nikolai Sheremetev: New Revelations
Иван Иванович Шишкин. 1832–1898
Иван Иванович Шишкин. 1832–1898