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Встречаем весну под девизом "impression"!

Special selection for all the admirers of Impressionism

Warm sea breeze or sunrise, the wind of freedom or the shimmering sun in a glass. The impressions are what will stay with us. They were the source of inspiration for the Impressionists while creating their paintings.

We are greeting this spring under the slogan “impression”! Special selection of museum catalogs and souvenirs for all the admirers of Impressionism.

Let’s greet the spring together!

Набор магнитов «Шедевры импрессионистов из ГМИИ им. А.С. Пушкина»


The cover on the suitcase. Design based on the painting by K. Monet "White Water Lilies"


Mask. Design based on the painting by K. Mone "Breakfast on the grass", text in Russian


Pillowcase "Claude Monet. Lilac in the Sun"


The art of happiness. The secret of happiness is in the masterpieces of great artists.


Album "Аrt gallery of Europe and America"


Breastpin "Edgar Degas. Dancers"


Claude Monet. Life and work in 500 paintings


Numbered pictures. Impressionists. Part 2.


«1000 шедевров импрессионизма»


Reproduction "Claude Monet. Boulevar des Capucines"


Passport cover "Edgar Degas. Blue dancers"


Set of postcards "Masterpieces of Impressionism and Post-Impressionism"


L-shaped folder "Pierre-Auguste Renoir. Portrait of the actress Jeanne Samary"