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День города Москвы

День города Москвы

Пройтись по улицам Москвы, познакомиться с архитектурой и природой города, узнать, как менялась столица на протяжении многих лет - давайте сделаем это вместе накануне 874-летия Москвы!

Столичные музеи готовят к выходным особые программы, а мы подготовили издания и сувениры на Museum+Marketplace!

Moscow Garage: Authomobile Architecture of 1920 - 1930-s.


V. V. Kontorshchikov, O. A. Gvozdeva. “The nature of Moscow and the Moscow region from A to Z”.


The book "Cosmonautics on the map of Moscow"


Architectural monuments of Moscow – witnesses of the 1812 events (Russian Version)


Сatalogue of the Museum-panorama the Battle of Borodino collection (Russian)


Набор открыток «Москва. Олимпиада 80. Выпуск 1»


Moscow from the inside: luxury interiors and architectural stories


Notebook with Elastic Band "L.M. Brailovsky. View of thr Cathedral of St.Basil in winter"


What and how Italian architects built in the Moscow Kremlin in the XV-XVI centuries


Brooch "Dome of St. Basil's Cathedral", red-white


Architectural Moscow. A guide to buildings and styles


Puzzle "Joseph Weiss. The series of watercolors "Views of Moscow". 1840s»


Puzzle "Joseph Weiss. Thr view of the Moscow Kremlin. 1840s»


Magnetic bookmark "V.D. Polenov. Moscow courtyard"


Zaryadye. Guide to the oldest area of Moscow


From Moscow to Russia’s Very Edge (Russian)


The Views of Moscow. Watercolor and Drawing of the 18th – early 20th century in the State Historical Museum Collection (Russian Version)


Album for Drawing "Karl Gampeln. The Laying of the Moskvoretsky Bridge"


Notebook with Magnet "Nikolay Podklyutchnikov. The View of the Cathedral of St. Basil the Blessed (The Pokrovsky Cathedral) from the Moskvoretsky Descent"