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Natalia Khlebtsevich. Archetypes of aggression.


Bogdanov P.V. “Collection, dissection and restoration of insects for museum entomology collections”


Souvenir Booklet "For the Memory of 300th Anniversary of Romanov Dynasty Reigning (1613–1913)"


The book from the series "Biographies of great scientists and designers" "The fate of the God of fire."


Vanshin S. N., Vanshina O. P. “Socio-cultural rehabilitation of people with disabilities through museum practices: Methodological guide”.


Complex adaptation of museums for people with disabilities of various categories


Numismatic Collection of the State Historical Museum, Volume 18


Kurilin G.N. “Making fish molds: Methodological guide”


Сборник «Культурные ценности народов РФ в музеях»


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