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Postcard "Tibet. Mountain abode" Nicholas Roerich


Подставка под кружки «Коптские ткани: Всадник, дерево жизни»


Vanshin S. N., Vanshina O. P. “Socio-cultural rehabilitation of people with disabilities through museum practices: Methodological guide”.


Plastic cards case "Raphael. Self-portrait"


Catalogue "Faces of Russia. Portrait Gallery of the Russian Museum" (Russian)


Notebook "Before the demonstration"


Magnet "Paolo Veronese. Madonna and Child with St. Peter and St. Catherine of Alexandria"


Magnets "Traditional Japanese dolls"


Папка-уголок «В.А. Серов. Строительница»


Breastpin "Francis Bacon. The second version of the triptych"


Есенинский вестник №6


Children’s accordion book “Day and Night in Venice”