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Notebook "Plum blossoms in a red vase"


The Festive Clothes of the Peoples of Russia (Russian Version)


Блокнот «Портрет императрицы Елизаветы Петровны. Неизвестный художник, середина XVIII в.»


Earrings "Flower Garden"


Набор «Юный дипломат»


Apartment no. 5. To the History of the Petrograd Avant-Garde. 1915-1925 (Russian)


Set of postcards "Masterpieces of Old Masters"


Materials on the history of the State Museum of the East 1951-1970. People. Things. Affairs.


Magnet "Giovanni Battista Piranesi.Sphinx"


Catalog "Collectors and Collections. Third Festival of private collections"


Pencil case "Varvara Stepanova. Fabric design Project"