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Art Volkhonka

For several years, the publishing house has worked mainly with art literature, collaborating with leading museums in the country, and has accumulated vast experience. We have big promising plans in this area!

A special direction is books for children. The mission of the publishing house is to attract the younger generation to the world of art. Authors - art historians, artists, musicians - easily and easily tell young readers about what fascinates them. And the ingenious design that interacts equally with the texts makes these editions special.
Brand products
Brand catalog:

Catalogue of the exhibition "Caravaggio and his followers. Paintings from the Roberto Longhi Foundation in Florence and The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts"


Каталог к выставке «Младшие Брейгели. Картины из собрания К.Мауэргауза»


Catalogue "The Cranachs: Between Renaissance and Mannerism"


Catalog "Artemisia Gentileschi and contemporaries"


Catalogue of the exhibition "Venezia Rinascimento. Tiziano. Tintoretto. Veronese"


“Pope of Rome, Indian elephant, Rafael of Urbino.”


Catalogue of the exhibition "Giorgio Morandi. 1890-1964. Le opere d'arte delle collezioni italiane e russe"