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Ad Marginem Press

Ad Marginem is an independent publisher founded in 1993. Ad Marginem’s first publication was a collection of articles entitled The World of Kierkegaard, released in the spring of 1994.

The name «Ad Marginem» (latin for «on the edge») comes from Paul Klee’s 1930 painting «Ad Marginem—On The Edge». From 1991 to 1993, while working at the state publishing house Kultura, Alexander Ivanov edited a series by the name «Philosophy on the Edge», which ultimately inspired him to open his own publishing house.

Today Ad Marginem publishes translations of nonfiction with a focus on art, illustrated books for children and adults, and books on anthropology, economics, sociology, philosophy and cultural theory. However, we hope that all books that fall under the Ad Marginem brand, regardless of genre, are united by an interest in the current changes developing before our eyes, and a focus on the differences that enrich and intensify our human experience.
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Body language. Postures and gestures in art


Architecture through the eyes of a dove


Great art inventory


Виктор Мизиано: Пять лекций о кураторстве


Альфред Барр и интеллектуальные истоки музея современного искусства


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