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Bookmark "Ksenia Hausner. Sentimental journey"


«Small Art» kaleidoscope (Tree Stump)


Catalog "Muses of Montparnasse"


Mirror brooch "Gold blessing hand"


Catalog "Bill Viola" (Russian)


The cover on the suitcase. Design with swallows based on a fragment of Japanese decorative paper


Catalogue "Elegance and splendour of art deco"


Russian treasures of the British crown


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Bag "Xenia Hausner. Exiles 3"


Stickers "Ksenia Hausner. Faces"


Postcard "Ksenia Hausner. Cinderella"


Micro Puzzle "The Garden of Earthly Delights" Hell


"Las Meninas" Puzzle


"Bosch. The Garden of the Earthly Delights" Paper Watch


«Small Art» socks (38-41)


Futurism in Italy and in Russia


The secrets of Picasso: The Maidens of Avignon


Mug "Giambattista Tiepolo. Madonna with Saints Louis, Anthony and Francis"


Открытка «Джамбаттиста Тьеполо. Двое святых (святые Максим и Освальд (?))»

Bill Viola. The Journey of the Soul
03/02/2021 — 05/30/2021
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Сумка «Билл Виола. Вознесение Изольды»


Магнит «Билл Виола. Вознесение Изольды»


Открытка «Билл Виола. Огненная женщина»

Под маской Венеции
04/27/2021 — 08/29/2021
Tsaritsyno , Russia, Moscow
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Cosmetic bag "Under the mask of Venice"


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