Museum+Marketplace - Первый Всероссийский marketplace музейных изданий и сувениров


Museum+Marketplace - the first all-Russian museum goods store and a unique online platform combining publications and souvenirs created by museums, galleries, cultural and educational institutions and devoted to various fields of history and culture.

Catalogs of the most important exhibitions, collections of scientific research, reproductions of masterpieces, branded souvenirs with works from museum collections and special souvenir collections released for the most relevant projects, games and books about art for children - all that could previously be found only in certain offline stores will be available on the pages of a single resource Museum + Marketplace, at any time of the day and from anywhere in the world!

Due to the developed system of filters among the variety of goods visitor can, for example, to find galleries dedicated to the work of an exact artist, souvenirs with reproductions of his works, and, perhaps, all the directories and collections of articles, issued by a specific publisher.

Museum+Marketplace is a source of inspiration, a place of rare finds and interesting gifts!