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Earrings on hooks “Lotus”


Moscow Garage: Authomobile Architecture of 1920 - 1930-s.




Набор открыток «Постимпрессионисты»


Catalogue of the exhibition "Thomas Gainsborough"


Sleep mask "Jan Lievens. Boy in a Cape and Turban (Portrait of Prince Rupert of the Palatinate)"


Thematic editions and souvenirs

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05/01/2021 — 05/10/2021
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Карты «Шедевры Русского музея»


The cover on the suitcase. Design based on the painting by K. Monet "White Water Lilies"


The cover on the suitcase. Design based on the painting by Paul Cezanne "Pierrot and Harlequin (Mardi Gras)"


Breastpin "Monument to the conquerors of Space"


The book "In the sky and above the ground"


Набор магнитов «Шедевры импрессионистов из ГМИИ им. А.С. Пушкина»


The cover on the suitcase. Design based on the painting by K. Monet "White Water Lilies"


Catalog "British poster of the XIX-XX centuries from the collection of the Pushkin state Museum of fine arts"


Notebook "By Cecil Charles Windsor Aldin. Electric heater: So nice and warm"


Notebook "By Aubrey Vincent Beardsley. Publishing catalog "Publisher"


«Where Cars and Buses feel at Home» Face Mask


«Retrobus» Textile Key Ring


«Where Cars and Buses feel at Home» Stickers


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Due to the developed system of filters among the variety of goods visitor can, for example, to find galleries dedicated to the work of an exact artist, souvenirs with reproductions of his works, and, perhaps, all the directories and collections of articles, issued by a specific publisher.

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